Teams and Committees



Missions & Outreach Team
Amy Turner
Mary Powell
Cyndy Flechtner
Sue Staib
Becky Croom

Angel Ministry and Adopt-a-Friend Program
Barb Staib (Angel Ministry)
Sue Staib (Angel Ministry)
Lois Shuff  (Adopt-a-Friend)

Fellowship Team
Sharon Wilbert
Jan Shelton
Cyndy Flechtner
Linda Krintzline
Sheila Miller
Lois Shuff

Property Team
Jan Shelton
Donnie Krintzline
Ron Miller
Harvey Staib
Ron Hoover
Chris Staib
Brian Hoffman
Bev Digby
Rick Flechtner

Nominating Committee
Bev Digby
Sue Staib
Betty Sendelbach

Worship Team
Diana Hoover
Linda Eakin
Donna Randell
Joyce Work

Vision Team
Dr. John Millar
Ashley Woodruff
Jan Shelton
Jerry Bupp

M.Y. Team (Missing You Team)
Diana Hoover
Joyce Work
Amy Turner
Jan Shelton

Finance Committee
Dave Shelton
Art Page
Gary Schiefer

Personnel Committee
Chas Oberst
Dr. John Millar

Policy Committee
Jerry Bupp
Dave Shelton
Jen Spitler
Leona Einsel

* Team Leader/Chair Person in Italics
** Pastor and Council President are ex officio members
of all teams and committees.

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