Message from Pastor Audra

Greetings and Peace to you!

Today is the third day of Spring and the blue skies and sunshine is making me smile almost as much as the chance to write this letter to you all and introduce myself. In this time of social distancing and Youtube sermons, I know it feels odd that most of you have not met me in person and yet you voted on whether I will be your pastor or not. And so that makes me even more grateful that is exactly what you did and I will begin my ministry with you on May 2nd

A little about my husband, Chris, and myself: We were married on

October 19, 2019 and then the pandemic hit which tested whether we

REALLY like each other or not. Turns out – we do! I’m 38, soon to be 39 in May and Chris turned 37 in January. We will be celebrating 5 years together in June and I have to say, I feel incredibly blessed. He was absolutely worth the wait.

I have been in ministry for 10.5 years and I am leaving a two-church charge in Pennsylvania to come to Ohio. I’m excited – I have never lived anywhere but PA! Chris works in the medical field by picking up and delivering refurbished medical equipment for a local business. He absolutely loves it because he’s been all over the eastern side of the United States. He is also a volunteer firefighter with 3 stations. 

I hope when we get there, we will be back to in person services as long as it’s safe because I want to get to know all of you. I will warn you now though – I’m TERRIBLE at remembering names!!! So please, do not be offended if I have to ask you a couple times. My hope is that we can reach out to our community when we’re back together and help everyone get back to our “new normal”. I believe the church is a tool that we use to help bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That requires a little elbow grease now and then, but I hope everyone will be excited to roll up their sleeves and get to work once it is safe for us to do so. 

There are so many people out there that need Jesus. Children in foster care; homeless people; recently paroled people looking to get back into society; not to mention finding a way to bring equality to all people. We may not be able to fix all that is wrong in this world, but if we can help a few people along the way – I think Jesus would approve. There’s a song that I love whose lyric say, “But each one can reach one, as we follow after Christ we all can lead one; we can lead one to the Savior and together we can tell the world that Jesus is the way. If we each one reach one.”


Blessings and Love,

Pastor Audra Ferguson

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